Read What Others Are Saying About Our Bands

Read What Others Are Saying About Our Bands

Ok….it’s hard to believe I am writing this so so soon after getting 5 innerEnergy bands at the Calgary Stampede last night. My husband and I were just leaving Stampede when we ran into Natalie at the InnerEnergy booth. I had heard of Negative ions before and that they were beneficial to we stopped to look. Both my husband and I have been struggling with aches and pains, lethargy , and little energy…for quite some time. Lots of stress too for the both of us. We have a high strung little Yorkie too.

We took 5 bands…two for Peter, two for me and one for little Enya…if they worked, we would be ahead of the game. On the train ride home I googled negative energy bands and found more negatives than positive reviews..most said they were a scam, not proven at all,A waste of $, etc. I’m a believer in naturopathic works for me so I kept the bands on and overnight, the transformation in my energy level has been remarkable.

I feel ” clear headed ” this morning and my energy level has increased by almost 50%. I feel energized and ready to handle the tasks at hand. In fact, I am able to do a fair bit of multitasking today which I have not been able to do for months. If this keeps up I know I will be a changed person.

Thank you, Natalie for your convincing sales pitch. To boot, last night we both were on a scale back for spending so to have bought anything at all would have been a stretch. I am more than happy that I took the leap of faith in this purchase. For those out there who are sceptical, give the bands a try.

The cost is minimal and if they do work for you the benefits will greatly outweigh the little money you have spent. Thanks so very very much!

Barbara B.

The best purchase ever!! Within hours I had never felt more energetic in my life. I am wearing one band, a designer band and a pendant.
Highly highly recommended!!!!

Leanne S.

Fast injury recovery

After damaging my left scapula nerve(neck beside shoulder blade) due to jumping down into a ravine to escape a fire storm while fire fighting forest fires in southern British Columbia this summer.

My left shoulder was taped up and just holding the steering wheel was painful.

My ART therapist was impressed at how fasted I not only regained function…but stregth.

Enough to enable me to compete in Service Rifle CQB match defending my division Sharpshooter championship with in two weeks.
I have worn the Athletic Inner Energy bands for three years and am a very active and fit 58 year old male.
The additional negitive electrons are a major contributing factor to my longevity.

Steve A.

I have been wearing my Inner Energy bands for about a month.
I find my sleep is sounder and I feel more rested.
I am a nursing assistant and know what lack of sleep does to a person,
I am also a runner and very active woman. I need my rest!
I highly recommend them!


Relief in knee pain.

I recently purchased a inner energy band from a trade show at BVJ. I’ve had one before and unfortunately miss placed it! I’ve forgotten how it benefits me in some of my health concerns, until I started to wear it again! It took my body 24 hours to feel the difference and it was amazing! My knee pain subsided and I felt energetic and was even sleeping better!

So again I’m very grateful that I found your booth and better yet purchased another one!

I’m going to place an order for a few more as I feel that they would benefit as well by wearing it!


Hi there, I live in Edmonton Alberta, and I met one of the owners of this company at one of the trade shows I worked at. I broke my ankle in April 2014 and have had quite a lot of issues with my bones healing. My injury is called a Pilon Fracture of the ankle, anyways I had been on crutches up until about the middle of Feb 2015. Then I purchased 1 necklace (3200 – ions) and 1 bracelet (1500 _ions) it is now just 3rd week of March 2015. Thing’s have improved so much in the last couple of months, I went from needing a bone graph to fix my ankle to not having to have one! Needless to say I am thrilled! I purchased another bracelet and necklace at the show and am a true believer in this product.


Cheers Todd


Thank you, I did receive the bands. Very prompt.

During our conversation, I mentioned I have been using Inner Energy bands for about 5 or 6 years. I was at a point where I had no energy, feeling generally crappy.

My wife and I were at the Calgary Home and Garden show and I stopped at IE booth and listened. I thought, for the price it’s worth a try. I won’t say it will work for everyone but for me it did. Within a couple of weeks I noticed a big difference. I could wake up feeling pretty good, work all day and at night still feel I had some energy left.

Where I saw a huge difference was at my hockey games. I play once a week with guys 17-54 years old. I’m the gramps at 61 and feeling good.

Legs are strong and after a shift quick breathing recovery.

I wear a band every day.

So thank you and my advice to anyone is it’s worth a try.

Wayne K.

This is a great product…I fractured my hand at the base of the thumb in a off road motorcycle crash (pic attached) two pins were attached by a plastic surgeon .Being a Submersible Engineer which involves working with electronic ,hydraulic components and operating a joy stick to fly the ROV’s (remotely operated vehicles) my career came to a halt.

It is an eye opener when you can’t even pull up your fly, tie your running shoes or open up the bottle of prescription pain killers. I wore the band in the day time and night taking it off to shower for 5 months.My physio has never seen such a recovery.

Steve A.

I purchased a few bands in 2011 at the International Centre for my parents as my father is a diabetic and also had range of motion issues in his right shoulder. My mother broke her ankle a few years back while travelling in Turkey and had been taking pain killers every night to help her get some sleep. I thought that maybe the bands might be able to help them out with some of their issues.

At first they were skeptical when I gave it to them to try out. As they thought it was just another gimmick. But I convinced them to give it a try. Needless to say, my father’s blood sugar levels have been in check and he had been able to cut back on his medication. His range of motion in his right shoulder has dramatically increased. My mother also has more range of motion in her ankle and no longer takes pain killers to go to sleep at night!!

I have been promoting this product ever since, I have purchased and given away over 30 bracelets to friends as I try to spread the word as i strongly believe in their healing effects

Thank you sooo very much!!

I feel blessed to have had the chance to have met you and am very grateful for your GREAT product!!

David A

I met you at the home show last Friday. I was with my husband and daughter …. and we bought 5 of the inner energy bands. (We are all faithfully wearing them…. even my 16 year old son:)

Anyway, I wanted to let you know about our dog Cody. It wouldn’t be fair to compare his hind leg movement as I didn’t have any documented facts about he moved around, other then he was very passive -probably because it was more effort to get up. He is/was borderline arthritic (as a pup he was stepped on by a horse and his hind hock has always been wonky). Since putting the inner energy tag on his collar I can say without a doubt, that he is a more interactive dog! He use to lay and watch from the sidelines…. and now it seems we are always bumping into him…. as he is in the centre of activity and will not miss an opportunity to go outside (or just move from room to room as we do)! A month ago I was thinking its not going to be long before his age really sets in…now his activity level is like he is middle aged again! This is the Cody we know!!!

Thank you for introducing us to Inner Energy….. we are all exceptionally happy with the results!

Terri L.