Athletic Pro Series Wrist Bands

These bands have 2100 negative ions per cubic centimetre. Mountain air and ocean air have between 1000-5000 negative ions per cubic centimetre, so you will feel as though you are in the middle of the ocean with that wonderful, energizing feeling. Whether you are climbing a mountain, riding a bike or simply need that extra push to get you through your busy workday, the Athletic band will take you there.

Size Red Black
XSMALL 16.0cm, 6.3IN X X
SMALL 17.5cm, 6.9in X X
MEDIUM 19.0cm, 7.5in X X
LARGE 20.5cm, 8.1in X X
XLARGE 22.0cm, 8.7in X X

XSmall generally fits ages 5-10, as well as a woman’s very small wrist.
Small is the most common for women.
Medium the next most common for women; it is rare for a woman to take a size large.
Medium is for small wristed men.
Large fits about 80% of all men.
XLarge fits about 5% of men – for very large wristed men only.

The bands are just as effective in the pocket, or in the case of a child, in the pillowcase.
As long as they are within a few inches of the body they will work.